Tomson Chauke

Singer songwriter at Limpopo Groove and a radio presenter on the Berkshire Culture Connect on B Radio.

Born in the Lowvelds of Zimbabwe in a small town called Chiredzi.

I grew up in a sugar estate, Hippo Valley just outside Chiredzi in Masvingo province.

Growing up I enjoyed playing outside just like most kids in Africa, all we knew was playing group games like football, traditional music gathering and hide and seek etc .

At around 8 years old, I developed a passion in creating music and getting involved in school dramas and anything that had an element of performance.

I found myself involved in formations of youth bands and musical ensembles which then took me on a tour to South Africa in my youth age

Drums became my first love and I soon found myself being asked to record with some of the top bands in Zimbabwe . 

I played on some of the monster hits and featured on some most popular videos during my time in Zimbabwe

Fast forward to my time in England still involved in music production and now radio .I am passionate about community building and integration given how broken the communities are , people from different places leaving in their small pockets and not learning from each other’s rich background. 

I formed a band that mirrors my passion and I also run a football team called Sanctuary Strikers a platform that is giving Asylum seekers and refugees a platform to play football, make friends, integrate, learn to speak English and build their confidence to navigate Reading/Berkshire.

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