One of the many highlights of last year was spending the day in Helsinki, Finland with Mr Elvis Fuamba – The Founder of Afrofinns and a Business Entrepreneur making a difference in Finland .

I had decided to take the ferry from Tallin in Estonia to Finland and it was a great opportunity to meet up with this very creative role model to explore new ways of working together.

I also had the opportunity to engage with great minds in Estonia.

Mr Elvis has now produced the very first part of a documentary called ” Cultural crossroads” .

Cultural CrossRoads” presents divers views on cultural transmission and construction of identity in the Afro-Finnish community. It sets the scene for further conversations, such as, what culture are we creating as a community? What impacts does it have on us and how that culture is transmitted to the next generation? The story line of the documentary guide the viewer to understand the broad meaning of cultural transmission in the Afro-Finnish community.. read more

Feel free to watch this great documentary on The T0NY TOKUNBO FERNANDEZ SHOW this week and find out more about African migrants living in Finland .

Watch this space and do not forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel at

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