Artist Razwan Ul-Haq is a QEST scholar (QEST Royal Warrant Holders Association) who began Arabic calligraphy using  hand cut bamboo pens whilst growing up in Lancashire, England. Initially inspired by his Uncle, the award winning Arabic Calligrapher and scribe Maulvi Fazal Azeem, Razwan Ul-Haq has spent his life creating visual art out of distilling traditional Arabic Calligraphy techniques.  You are invited to enter a parallel world.  Of words. His practice has given birth to new forms and experiences, yet, is a homage to over a thousand years of classical Arabic and Persian calligraphy.    Razwan went onto study at UMIST and then the University of Manchester. 

Razwan Ul-Haq’s work cuts across many themes and has featured in the national press including the TimesBBCChannel 4 as well as internationally, such as USA Today. His past commissions include being approached by Leeds City Art Gallery to celebrate the presence at the Gallery of ten drawings by Leonardo Da Vinci, on loan to the Gallery from the Royal Collection to celebrate the 80th birthday of the Queen. He is not related to any member of the Royal family.

Razwan’s absorption of classical Arabic Calligraphy is the beating heart of his contemporary pieces. After his grounding in traditional calligraphy of North Pakistan, he received instruction from eminent Masters such as the Jordanian Calligrapher Nasser Mansour and current mentors include the Persian Master Calligrapher Karamat Fatinia.  He is influenced by traditional calligraphers such as Amir Khani and contemporary artists Hassan Massoudy and Ahmed Moustapha. 

For Razwan, the sayings and work of Master Calligraphers from history provide a bridge to contemporary calligraphic interpretations. 

Razwan does not consider himself as a Master Calligrapher, rather as a bridge to connect the inner and outer workings of words into a form for the public.

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