Beatrice aka “LULU” a public renowned queen prefers action with tangible results rather than promises and words. As Miss Milton Keynes 2016/2017; Actress; Brand Ambassador and a Serial Entrepreneur . Lulu upholds the basic levels of event planning /event organization / project development in order to produce tangible results based on planning realistic goals and action plans. Regardless of the tasks she ensures that excellent results are produced. Beyond results she constantly   counter checks to see any specific action on any process conducted that could be improved in order to streamline any process in a more effective strategy moving forward.

Lulu began her professional Acting Career as World – Class Actress on both top commercial adverts (Thomas Burberry/ Mac Milan Cancer/ M&S /KFC), drama series (eastenders/father mother son etc), brand ambassador to products and labels (Nala money /energy drinks), and top class movies upto Indiana Jones 5. With her credentials her work ethics, Lulu didn’t find it hard to rise among the ranks and became CEO of 5 companies & being Ms Milton Keynes 2016/2017. Top event organizer with her own record label – Lu La Grande International. She then started to replicate her applied process among her peers, who took note of how valuable she is to their events /businesses. She got attention of other companies wanting to acquire her and gave her a couple of offers, of which she refused because of the potential she sees for growth in herself and her organization. She was correct, and the loyalty and hard work which surely bore fruits making her tops ready for bigger league.

Lulu as the operational lead in all her firms’ shows beyond doubt that she is a big fish in any sector she is introduced or attached to being “Lulu the jack of all trades”. She doesn’t just meet goals but exceeds the expectations month in and month out.

She has always created seamless processes undeniably close to genius. Always mingle with her peers making her receive recognition for being an inspiration and a constant motivator all round. Her leadership skills rose above challenges in months of hard times , clients proved difficult to manage thus proving true leadership  is only made better with tough times hence being at the top of her game.

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