When God puts a vision to you or you find yourself imagining a business or a job or an interview or school admission or a book to write, or a research. Act on it. Act quickly. Whatever you can imagine has the backing and blessing from God. It is possible.

We often find it difficult to kick-start that vision as we wait for the big break. We ignorantly believe we must possess everything to start.

No, you don’t. You don’t need a big break to start. Start today. Start with what you have, even as low as 10k, start. The miracle in starting is that you are telling God, you believe in his vision for you and that you are obedient and willing to demonstrate that belief by starting.

Everytime you start, you turn the wheels of your destiny because once you start, your brain begins to receive new messages or ideas to make you go even faster. As you concentrate on these ideas you begin to receive more flashes, directing you on how to proceed, where to look, where to go, how to do it and you find yourself constantly flooded by these promptings. God is speaking directly to you. He is leading you. Act now.

We usually don’t start because, we are afraid of failure and criticism. We afraid of what people would say, we are scared of starting small, we despise small beginnings and see ourselves bigger than our current position. We find it difficult to move our limbs. We will rather stay in our comfort zone. We would unwittingly choose the area of least resistance. We are too weak, too frightened and too scared of people around us.

Remember, boldness is a quality for successful people. Do you wish to succeed? You must stand bold and tall all the times. You are not in competition with anyone and nobody is competing with you. Your visions and ideas are uniquely yours. God chose you for a purpose and a time like this. He says trust me with what you have and I will show you my blessings.

He told Peter to cast the net and though Peter was doubtful, he finally obeyed. His catch was so big they needed others to help out.

Are you like Peter? Doubting your every move? Doubting your capacity, your gifts , your talents?Doubting God’s love and his blessings?

Start today, to build your faith. Start now to begin pursuing that dream. Start now to implement with what you have. Start now to trust and believe that God’s blessings are real.

Remember God made the universe from nothing. We are made in his image. We can do all things through Christ our Lord. You have been given everything pertaining to life and godliness. You are fearfully and wonderfully made.

What then is your hindrance? What is stopping you from your glorious success?

You are a winner, so stand up now, brace yourself and begin this very minute to claim your victory.

Start now. Start with what you have. Start small. Begin immediately as God waits patiently to guide and see you through. He waits to multiply the fruits of your hand. He waits to increase your output. Stand up now and begin. Is it an idea for a business, a book, a novel, an academic thesis, a research, a job application, a visa interview, a university application etc etc etc. Whatever He has laid in your heart, start now. It is meant to lead you to achieving your destiny.

Start now. Start today. Don’t delay.

Remain blessed


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