A highly respected Mother, Friend to the many and a Professional Youth Worker.

Born in Jamaica but made her home here in Britain.

Maureen works as a Youth Worker and has done for 30+ years . She has had a massive impact of both young people and the community all her working and personal Life.

She is an advocate for raising education Standards amongst black young people , she worked ( voluntarily) as a support teacher with young people for many years on the African Caribbean Achievement Programme ( ACAP). This programme was run in various community Centre across the city, with excellent outcomes for young people.

She in her professional life worked as Youth and Community Worker for Bradford Youth Service (seconded to Checkpoint Bradford). She developed work around arts, social involvement and equality of opportunities for Black young people.

Due to reorganisations Maureen was Seconded to MAPA ( the oldest Black led organisation in Bradford 52 years). Where took up post as the Lead Worker for the organisation. She excelled and brought much needed resources, cultural experiences and pure commitment to the local community she served. This essential work kept black and minorities support networks alive.

Live all good things and often wrong decision a further restructure meant all support 3rd sector supported organisation stopped and they were left to run on their own. This led to closures of key Black provision along side other community centres. It was the commitment of MAPA trustees and members that kept it from closing.

Maureen moved to more generic work that often did not involve the support of the under resources black community. Nevertheless Maureen being her professional self-gave 100% of her input.

The latter is why so many people from far and wide loved and continue to love her input that often helped change/influence their lives for the good.

Maureen who has now retired( with a little casual work stops her going insane I guess) in local schools has left the following legacies

• Supported and Challenged inequality in Education systems for black young people . She continues to fight and support the raising of individual achievement of all young people

• She then became a trustee of MAPA for many years, supporting the development of work with Black young people and the community.

• She is a strong advocate in promoting equality and rights to access for Black women and continues to run sessions, raise awareness and open opportunities for Black people in the Business world.

Finally If I was to sum up Maureen that reflected her existence . I would ( and I am sure it is mirrored by everyone that she was involved with) say she was Tough , straight talking , understanding, empathetic and mostly loving and caring towards ALL people.

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