Vincent Destouche (Mr MAPA)
Volunteer Community Worker/Caretaker-/School Dinner Attendant/Youth Worker Bradford
Youth Service)
Vinny is an amazing versatile person when it comes to his employment/community
engagement ( volunteering).
Vinny has worked (paid)/volunteered for MAPA for 35 years and he is often referred to as


Vinny was a user of our community centre and lived in the then Newby Sq. He has always
come across as a quite person and continues to have that persona. He often speaks about
his early childhood growing up in the Sq. and how it shaped his life and others.
MAPA General (1985-present)
Vinny was out of work when we met , he used to volunteer to help MAPA by cleaning, DIY,
Djing etc). in 1990 we offered him a contract as a Handy Person/Caretaker which continues
to carry out today.
Scout Group
In the late 90s Vinny helped set up a one of the first Black Scout Group in Bradford ( and
according to the Scouts Association we were the first Pack in the Country to have a Rasta
Scout Leader (Mickey. Roots) .
Afterschool Care
In 2000- 2010 He was appointed as a keyworker on the scheme and did this for 10 years
Summer Playschemes ( Volunteer)- (1990-2015)
This is and was Vinnies forte – he was at the top of his game when it came to entertaining
young people. Hi sessions on Rounders are legend. Nothing was too much for Vinny he
supported everyone.
Youth Worker MAPA/Bradford Youth Service (1995 to present)
Vinny has been involved with our youth session for over 25 year mainly at MAPA and also
across the city at different youth clubs.
Holiday/Household Food Programme ( 2018 – present)
Vinny has been a vital part of this programme supporting his local community (who are
suffering high poverty levels and lack of funds to meet their needs).

As you can see from the above Vinny has given 30+ years to MAPA. He has kept us going in
very difficult times, we would have certainly closed if in was not for Vinny (who often took
the helm every time MAPA was it a crisis be it Funding, Staffing etc) .
If we could bestow an award to him it would need to be recognised by a wider audience
other that local people, who love him and appreciate all he has done for MAPA.
MAPA is Vinny and Vinny is MAPA . That’s the way its been. He has been the constant from
the coming and goings over the years.
‘Who you gonna call VINNY’( caption from Ghost Busters).

#blackhistorymonth2022 #bradford #cityofculture2025 #livestream

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