Clementine Chitulangoma

Clementine identified a need in her community which leads to health inequalities, there was litter everywhere. She decided to address the need by picking up litter, so that the environment looks pleasant and so that the residents can develop a sense of pride regarding their estate.

Over the years, Clementine has been involved in many community projects in which she contributes to the wellbeing of those around her in small ways. For example, she volunteered as a play worker with Bradford Action for Refugees, supporting children and families and she also worked with Incommunities housing association as a customer service inspector, advising the organisation on how to improve the service that they provide to their tenants. She now volunteers with Collective Impact and city of Sanctuary simultaneously, to improve the quality of life in her local area. Clementine’s vision is to be an inspiration to young people by demonstrating that dreams can be achieved with a little effort and a little contribution, as such she has engaged in a continuous learning process and has emerged as a PHD student in the school of management, at the University of Bradford.

Admittedly, achieving all this is hard work and it means working long hours, besides holding down a job. But because she is determined to make a difference by inspiring young people, she keeps going.

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