The UK HealthTech AfyaRekod launches Universal patient portal for worldwide health data mobility management.

The UK HealthTech AfyaRekod launches Universal patient portal for worldwide health data mobility management.

AfyaRekod is a Universal Patient Portal, built on block-chain technology that will transform the face of health care across the UK and the World. Through a secured centralized platform ( patients can securely managing their health records, including health diaries, prescriptions and hospital visit summaries. The AfyaRekod Universal Patient Portal offers a secure decentralised, intelligent telehealth solution, healthcare resources, symptom trackers, reminders and notifications, as well as the mobility of the record across multiple channels and devices. 

AfyaRekod was founded by CEO John Kamara in 2019 as an Adanian Lab start-up with seed funding from Mac Venture Capital and Next Chymia. Kamara saw first-hand how the lack of medical records and static data could lead to poor medical management when a friend died having received the wrong medical intervention in an emergency. Kamara built an AI platform that would track health data, aimed at bridging the gap between health care and treatment, anywhere, anytime for patients, medical professionals, providers and organisations.

The pandemic has pressed the fast-forward button, bringing an urgency into health data accessibility and analytics. This is a global problem that is being addressed by a patient-centred health care innovation – AfyaRekod.

To register today follow the 1-2-3 steps.

As part of our growth campaign and global contribution to Universal health care, we are launching AfyaRekod in the UK on the 26th August 2022, venue: Crown plaza Manchester City centre, 70 shudehill, Manchester M4 4AF. Time 11am-2pm. To register your interest please email or contact Michael Ekpechue or Rose Gordon on 0161 2164007.

Join us as we Launch the first of its kind Universal Patient Portal!

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