I live in Bradford; I am a Bradford for Everyone Ambassador (resident voice and influence), I am  Citizen Coin Officer with Braford Council and I am an entrepreneur.

Being a Bradford Ambassador has enabled me to explore Bradford’s beauty and connect with people and organisations in a way that I wouldn’t have otherwise, in fact, that it how I came to join People’s Powerhouse -Racial Justice Network. In my time as an ambassador and as a People’s Powerhouse Racial Justice Advocate, I have developed a growing hunger for positive transformation, I strive to make Bradford, the UK and the world a better place.

I came to England many years ago from ‘the warm heart of Africa’ and I have lived in Bradford for over 17 years. 

I have immense passion for equality development in all its forms, racial justice being one.  In fact, recently, I have stumbled upon two words of which I think are key in any real change ” economic development”.  When these words are overlooked, manipulated for self-interest, and ignored, inequality happens, and the gap thereof widens.

As a community activist/ advocate and businesswoman, I do what I do because I want to see “economic development” applied fairly across society.  These two words go on to fuel me to create jobs for people who may otherwise not have one. I also want to empower people to have a voice, to speak, to be heard to act positively on their experiences. I want people to tune into existing programmes and positive interventions, to create new ones, to gain knowledge, to get involved to connect with other people who also crave for change.  I want us all, regardless of who we are and where we come from to be free, like Martin Luther Jr said, “No one if free until we are all free”.

Jabu Phiri

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