Esther Osakwe based in Bradford was one of The Africa4u Award Winners at The Africa4u Awards for African and Caribbean Achievers living in West Yorkshire. The well attended event was held on Friday the 6th of May at The City Library in Bradford.

Information about Esther can be found below

Osakwe Nonyelum Esther, popularly known as ONE, is a 35-year-old mother of three who wants to make a difference in Bradford and beyond.

Originally from Nigeria, Esther lived in Colchester and Milton Keynes before making Bradford her home 6 years ago.

Her passions include education, empowerment, music, children, food and faith. 

She is a creative artist with a special talent for all things rest and relaxation  and currently undergoing a master programme in dance movement psychotherapy at the University of Derby.

Esther volunteers in several local and international organisations supporting change and improving quality of life globally. She’s also the founder and director at Life Improvement Consults C.I.C.  

Chief amongst her achievements and recognitions is her title as the Miss commonwealth for Africa 2021/22. 

She hopes to leave her world better than she met it.–

Osakwe Nonyelum Esther (HRH)

Educator and Consultant

Mental Health, Well-being & Fitness Coach. 

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