I once loved to see the sunset
And the memories it brings of how we met.
It reminded me of us a lot
Of how we anticipated tying the knot.

How we would stay awake and chat
And plan the future wearing our thinking hat
Till we were enveloped in darkness
While our conversations lighted our eyes without stress.

These days, I detest seeing the sunset
Its presence makes me so upset.
I can’t but think I once loved you as a friend
And wondered how everything just came an end.
I really wish our friendship can bloom again
So we can smile like the sun and play in the rain.
Bury the hatchet, cast away the offences
And build as stronger bond and not fences.

© Raphael Famoroti


Raphael Famoroti studied Philosophy at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

He is currently a Masters Student of Digital Marketing at the University of Salford, United Kingdom.

He is passionate about poetry and marketing. He began writing in 2014.
At his leisure, he loves to play scrabble, watch football and engage in intelligent conversations with

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