Tranquil Productions was established in 2005 and over the past decade has grown to become one of the leading specialists for breakin (breakdance) workshops and performances in the UK.  

Our mission is to help improve the lives of the people we work with through our breakin classes and projects. We work in communities and in education. Through our work we have seen physical/mental health and well-being transformations for many children, young people and adults. We create relationships that help to develop positive characteristics, such as confidence and discipline in the people we work with. We also provide creative outlets for people to express themselves.

Part of the vision at Tranquil Productions is to make Bradford a better place to live. We want to increase safety, access and inclusion for the people living across our city and see breakin thrive as a dance and culture. The work provided to educational establishments throughout Bradford and Yorkshire has been of the highest quality, helping Tranquil Productions gain a strong reputation for artistic impact, engagement and reliability.


Thank you

Lloyd Thompson


Tranquil Productions/Tech Styles

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