Over the years , I have had the opportunity to visit over 40 of the 51 official cities in England. I am always overwhelmed by the depth and beauty of each city as well as the lists of things to do.

It is always a refreshing to know that there is so much to do and to see within our doorstep

Early this year I visited Carlisle in Cumbria and I will be sharing with you 5 GOOD REASONS TO VISIT CARLISLE

  1. Carlisle is the home of the 2nd smallest Cathedral in England after Oxford. The gothic architecture in this building dates back to the 13th and 14th Century. This was also one of the most beautiful cathedrals I had ever visited in England. I was offered a free tour and took lots of pictures.
  2. Carlisle is also the home of some of the largest roman artifacts in the world. If you love artifacts, you will love Carlisle
  3. Carlisle is also the home of the beautiful Carlisle Castle which has so much history but has gone through lots of changes over the years.
  4. Carlisle is also the home of the Hadrians wall named after Emperor Hadrain.
  5. Carlisle is not only the only City in Cumbria, It is also blessed with lovely sceneries, history and architecture .

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