At Defoe Group CIC we provide high quality accommodation and meaningful support for looked after children and care leavers aged 16-21. 

Our main objective is to provide a supportive environment and well rounded support package which ensures that our young people have the confidence and self assurance to move on to live independently when they leave us.

All young people placed with us will be allocated a personal Support Worker and day to day support will be provided in regard to physical health, emotional well-being, education, finances, citizenship, family, reunification and any other identified needs that may arise.

The team at Defoe Group CIC hold a resounding strengths based approach, however, due to our management’s professional backgrounds within foster care and social work, are very knowledgeable and understanding of the disadvantages children who are looked after and leaving care may face. We therefore seek to develop and maintain strong and positive partnerships with the multi-agency networks and Local Authorities involved within our young people’s care.

We are confident that young people placed with us will be able to obtain the best experience and overall outcomes by ensuring a well collaborated and supportive approach with partner agencies.

Through ensuring and building upon trust, transparency and teamwork; Defoe Group CIC aim to provide holistic care packages which are executed by a team of staff who are well versed in working with young people who are in care or formerly in care. We therefore hold experience in ensuring that personalised care and pathway plans are developed upon and followed as to ensure the best results and outcomes for the young people within our care. 

Tel:      02036891863

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