Comrade Barry Ndu Nwaihim is the Chief Executive Officer of AFRIQUE 1 and Coordinator of Rebrand Nigerian Youths in Ghana Organization (RNIGO), an Organization that its sole aim is to continuously project the good image of Nigeria in Ghana. He was at a time the Director of Sports and Social Development of the National Association of Nigerian Students, (NANS), Zone B.

He also served in different capacities in the Student Union Government of the prestigious University of Port Harcourt.During his University days, he won so many Awards for his involvement in youth advocacy, also as a Nigerian representative to the Model African Union Summit 2012,he emerged  the Best Delegate among the over 250 participants from different countries that attended the event. He has travelled across all the ten regions of Ghana inspiring and encouraging Nigerian residents in Ghana to remain positive minded and focused even in challenges.

He has attended numerous leadership courses across Africa and this helped him in impacting knowledge to the Nigerian youths and indeed African youths he has come in contact with.His passion for Nigeria is unprecedented, his zeal and desire to see Nigerians respected all over the world is unimaginable.This necessitated the idea to form the REBRAND NIGERIAN YOUTHS IN GHANA ORGANISATION,a group that have severally held events to unite Ghanaian and Nigerian youths while ensuring that Nigerian young people in Ghana remain focused,hard working and positive minded.

He has led the group to organize several events like THE NIGERIAN YOUTH DIASPORA SUMMIT,FESTIVAL OF  IDEAS,NIGERIAN YOUTH LEADERSHIP SEMINAR ,GHANA-NIGERIA YOUTH SUMMIT which is currently on its 3rd edition and so many other life impacting programmes.

On September 2013,he was elected as the Public Relations Officer of the All Nigerian community in Ghana, an Association that comprises  of more than 3 million Nigerians resident in the former Gold Coast.

His earnest wish is to see information about Nigeria being transmitted in positive light and also to work with all positive minded groups and individuals to see a Nigeria well respected in Ghana.Based on his continuous commitment in positively projecting the image of Nigerians especially young people,he was appointed the West African Liaison Officer to the Senior Special Assistant to the Nigerian President on Youth and Student matters on July 22nd ,2014.

He graduated from the University Of Port Harcourt with a in Chemical Engineering.

#ghana #nigeria #youth #empowerment

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