Oscar is an experienced and engaging keynote speaker who drives change in the minds of his audience. He makes sure you get returns on your investment. One of his competitive advantages is to develop bespoke messages tailored to your audience.

His flagship message is on his upcoming book and that is MINDSET REVOLUTION. That is Re-engineering the mind from prison to purpose. Other customised messages include:

1. Having a Purpose Driven Life.
2. How to unleash your inner potential
3. How to Break Barriers to Succeed
4. identifying and maximising your true potential.
5. Driving change through leadership

Oscar also undertakes coaching with individuals and small groups by removing roadblocks that are holding them back from maximising their full potential. His coaching lessons are done online or via face to face. He has a well developed and thought-provoking training program full of transformational exercises and workload that drives a mindset change.

Oscar Bimpong also made it to the 2019 top hundred speakers in Ghana compile by the Speakers Bureau Africa (SBA)

He is the founder and CEO of Train2inspire Consultancy UK 🇬🇧, an organisation he started in 2013. He is an Author, Transformational Speaker, Lecturer, Corporate Trainer and a Business Consultant. Oscar is a visionary leader. His vision is to impact lives positively across the globe and transform businesses.

Oscar has engaged the youth in Europe and Africa in transformational speaking, coached and trained uncountable business executives from CEOs to the shop floor assistant and has consulted for many corporate institutions. He has over a decade experience in the business of coaching, training and development and the business consulting market.

He is BBC trained in Radio Operations and Media works and he has won five awards in the last five years in the UK as a result of his contribution to education through his media works, inspirational messages and strategic consulting solutions to small and medium enterprises as well as corporate institutions across the globe.

As a Media Persona, Oscar is a former TV and Radio talk show host. Currently, we have launched our online TV dubbed T2i TV to help us propagate our vision of bringing our training and development agenda to individuals and close to our corporate clients and to educate our viewers with emphasis on the youth of Africa precisely Ghana.

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