I wrote a poem in 1970 questioning whether I was a shy person.

I probably saw myself as such, but was not convinced. Perhaps one who will only speak if it will add value to the conversation. Paradoxically, psychometric tests always identify me as an extrovert. I still question the validity of the tests😊My voice broke at puberty and I lost my sonorous voice (I sang in a school play, Hobson’s Choice in 1966/67 staged at Government College Ibadan). Hosting a live radio programme on Radio Nigeria as a medical student was with trepidation.

I couldn’t share this with my parents or lecturers. In those days, it would have been considered being unserious as a medical student.

The potential repercussions had they known can only be imagined. However, it no doubt contributed to my belief in the broken voice.I have been a DJ, chauffeur for brides, officiating minister at wedding blessings, chairman at events, master of ceremonies at civic receptions and other social functions. A poet and an author. How did I get into the operating theatre and not on to the theatre stage? Je ne sais pas.I have spoken with school kids, mentees, peers, beauty product ladies among others. I have spoken at international and national scientific conferences.

I have spoken at places that even amaze me, The Nigerian Law School, Nigeria’s highest policy centre, the National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies, Kuru. I have stood in the courts of justice nationally and internationally, helping barristers and judges understand the high reliability nature of hospitals that result in medical errors. Royalty, Presidents, Government Ministers and Parliamentarians have heard the broken voice. I have spoken against man’s inhumanity to man – poverty, wars, racism, injustice, poor governance. During the pandemic,

I spoke at over 50 webinars. I am still working hard at improving the broken voice, hoping its different notes will come together and resonate, adding some value to society.Rotimi Jaiyesimi Speaks offers me a platform to reach out and share my thoughts.

That broken voice will employ the Kintsugi technique to bring the beauty out of broken lives and build the next generation while striving to be a better version of myself.#publicspeaking#mybrokenvoice#motivationalspeaker#rotimijaiyesimi

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