Am South Sudanese by nationality and proud AfricanDoing Reggae/Afro working at South Sudan Republican guard Entertainment known as CEO of New World Music Entertainment (NWME) And also new sign member to GPAN.

I was born in the family of John Able Kpatasue and Mama Angelina Fanika in the year 1996/04/07 in very poor family with poor background in the land of Azande South Sudan, Growing  up in SPLA military academy, in the year 2007 I decided to join music industry, 2009 was the year I joined music academy in Kenya, Am also member at Young Africans Leaders(YALI ) South Sudan.

My birth name is Pasqual John Able Kpatasue

Stage name is PJ AK Youths President.

My dream our dreams to unite Africans to be one

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