Dr. Christopher A. Johnson was born in Guyana (former British Guiana), South America into a poly-ethnic family. He is an award- winning journalist, editor, publisher and business management consultant since the 1980s. Former Commonwealth/Nuffield Cambridge Press Fellow, Management Science Fellow, holder of a Diploma in Journalism & Professional Writing, a certified
Commonwealth Youth Worker, with an MBA in Marketing Management and a Doctorate in Business Management.

A visiting lecturer/tutor in Marketing, Leadership-Management and Enterprise Research among others. He is a Founder/Director of Global Entrepreneurial Development Services Limited ( and Chair of Community Education Academy of Leadership ( A highly successful bid writer having contributed over £3 million worth of funding for SMEs and charities in London, the South East and the Midland Counties especially. Keen to support economic and social initiatives in
Africa, Caribbean, MENA Region and South Asia.

Dr Johnson’s most recent publications are The Anatomy of British South Asian Enterprise (2016) and British Caribbean British Caribbean Enterprises (2009) for which he received the ‘Obama
Shield’. Currently, he is working on a new book on British African Entrepreneurship. He is a stirring advocate of inclusive policies for the advancement of the ethnic/migrant firm sector in Britain. Past-
President of the Lions Club of London Hornsey (2004-2005), being a recipient of the Melvin Jones Fellowship (M.J.F) for leading the recruitment of female members into the organisation.
His motto is `Excellence is the Fulfilment of the Human Spirit’.

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