I have a varied professional background with a strong focus on managing market research, social research and stakeholder programmes and projects in both public and voluntary sector. I have experience of developing insight products from data collection and analysis in roles working in the public sector (particularly regulators in the food, justice, health/social services sector).

I have worked in the NHS, local government and the Civil Service. This includes eight years as lead research and community engagement officer within the Chief Executives Department and policy unit in a busy London local authority, four years in the NHS, and four in the voluntary sector, mostly on research projects to improve health care access and patient experience.

My local government experience was focused on leading, advising and supporting the local authority’s market research and customer engagement activities, including complaints analysis, management and customer feedback.

My NHS has experience provided me with formal research skills and experience of reaching, engaging and researching ‘difficult to reach’ social groups.

Specialties: 1. Research management – designing, implementing, managing and commissioning research projects for both internal purposes and external clients.

2. Researching and engaging ‘hard to reach’ groups and customers – designing and implementing research projects to gather insight and intelligence for policy development/service improvement.

3. Data collection, analysis and report writing – including handing data requests and enquiries from customers and service managers.

4. Managing research teams.

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