Topfaith University is a Vision of splendour born out of passion for excellence in university education within the context of functional research, global trends, entrepreneurship and life skills.

This Vision is part of the overall philosophy of Thomas Abraham Foundation, the Proprietor of the University. The Foundation is a symbol and perpetuation of the ideals of late Thomas Abraham who was a Deacon of Faith Tabernacle Congregation Church, Nigeria.

The late Thomas Abraham, an indigene of Mkpatak, was a philanthropist, a lover and promoter of education in addition to his skillful, creative and innovative craftmanship in carpentry. Late Thomas Abraham’s love for and investment in education of his children have culminated in the emergence of distinguished and accomplished offprings who have come together to promote the Thomas Abraham Foundation to symbolise focus, determination, creativity, innovation, enterprise, philanthropy and, above all, quality education.

Dr. Emmanuel Thomas Abraham, a seasoned Economist, Banker and Educationist, is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation. Dr. Emmanuel Abraham has had decades of experience in entrepreneurship and educational management.

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