The Objectivity Paradox By Livy-Elcon Emereonye -(SILVER AWARD WINNER, TONY TOKUNBO FERNANDEZ COMPETITION 2021)

The Objectivity Paradox By Livy-Elcon Emereonye

We live in a world of deception where most people are not real and as such hate, with passion, objective minds. They love lies and court anyone that can feed them with that may be to massage their ego, forgetting in haste that in conformity with the law of cost and effect every action attracts a corresponding reaction.

In an attempt to erode objective mindset, the society becomes a theatre of falsehood where falsity travels at the speed of light without border. That the world today is an epicenter of deception is a shared responsibility. We so much love the window dressing of a well decorated sepulcher that looks beautiful outside but the inside stinks with deadness. We wear expensive perfumes to mask body odour but the effect is always temporary. Somehow, someday, the masquerade can be unmasked and the real character will come out even when lest expected.

We act based on the information at our disposal but mostly on what we want to achieve. Our goal often determines our approach, action and methodology – and where the end justifies the means anything can go. When the unexpected happens, reasons can take flight especially where our interest and reputation are at stake. When the bubble bursts, the snail will recoil to its shell.

Most times our thinking processes and reasoning faculties are affected by our other senses. What we hear, see, smell, touch or feel affect how we act and react. Though our perception is a function of our position, our reaction can rarely change the reality.

One of the ironies of life is that everyone gives what he has in abundance, and the measure with which we give is the measure that we will get but in many folds. Liars are lied against when they least expected it, betrayers are often betrayed at their points of need, killers are not only killed but their lineage and generations also suffer terrible consequences of what they were not a party to. The dot in a circle can be the determinant factor. There will always be consequences for evil done except there is genuine repentance done with true restitution.

No matter how it could be covered up, he who gives peanuts must get monkeys. Though those who feed on cannibalism complain most about cannibalism just to cover their evil deeds, they will never run away from their shadows. It is a question of time that the predator will become the prey.

Beyond theoretical fabrication, the law of sowing and reaping remains immutable so we often get what we give. Those with the penchant for betrayal are betrayed even by their confidants; the liar is lied against. Anyone who planned or plotted the downfall of another person – an innocent person – will surely fall into the bottomless pit.

When we conceive ideas and go out to work, we should not forget that every action attracts a corresponding reaction. What is sown is what will be reaped and most times in many folds. What we share, we multiply; what we release, we increase. Thus, the need for objectivity! Be objective in your dealings and you will be true to yourself.

Objectivity isthe quality or character of being objective, which is, not being influenced by personal feelings or opinions in considering and representing facts. It is about lack of favoritism toward one side or another. It is all about freedom from bias. “In philosophy, objectivity is the concept of truth independent from individual subjectivity. A proposition is considered to have objective truth when its truth conditions are met without bias caused by a sentient subject. Scientific objectivity refers to the ability to judge without partiality or external influence.” – Wikipedia

In other words, objectivity will make you to empathize and imaginarily put yourself in someone else’s position in forming an opinion; stop and think before acting and reacting no matter the condition and the people involved; consider your own biases requiring mindfulness and self-awareness so as to make informed decisions; ask questions to gain a better understanding of the full picture necessary for critical analysis; seek facts rather than opinions for better outcomes; be open-minded to new ways of thinking to avoid making unnecessary mistakes; be humble when your view may not be correct; and be receptive to new ideas with a teachable heart thereby sharpening your views and broadening your mindset through visionary thinking, doing away with explicitly biased rhetoric. 

However, there is the need to be conscious of the relativity of objectivity which often depends on time and space – the two factors that affect position, perception and approach. Things can change with time and space – and where such change occurs, it becomes imperative to make necessary adjustments.

You will see what you look out for but will likely get what you worked for. Your output, even in the midst of a miracle, is a function of your input. Miracles do happen but exposure without preparation kills. This is why most people that won jackpots end up in bankruptcy. Sudden change in status can result in stress that can be complicated if not properly managed.

To be objective, train and retrain yourself. To be up to date, upgrade and update yourself. As you do, you may come to the realization that what you believed to be white is actually grey. When you change your position and perception, 6 may become 9 – and both have their values and uses!

With objectivity in the relativity of truth the import of every point cannot be missed – and where and when this is done without an iota of complex everyone wins. That we are interrelated and interdependent should foster a high sense of cooperation for mutual benefits.

When we realize that indeed we are all alike but not the same, we can acknowledge, define and appreciate our differences and still live at peace with each other and one another. Complementation is better than unhealthy competition. Unity heralds peace – and there is no alternative to peace.

The bitter truth is that no one can live in isolation. We are not just interdependent and interrelated but we need each other and one another and should work in synergy to get the best of ourselves in every situation and place.

However, you can force yourself to love people but you cannot force people to love you. While it pays to live in harmony and at peace with others, it is dangerous to have the graveyard type of peace that thrives on suppression and subjugation.

People should be encouraged to be themselves and freely express their views without let or hindrance. To tolerate people, they should be allowed to enjoy the freedom of expression without fear or favour – and where this happens, information flows unhindered for the objective mind to sieve and use for our common good for with the right information in a conducive environment people will not excel in their chosen endeavours.

Again, be objective and make objectivity the hallmark of your existence. It is the one skill everyone needs to become great.

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