Ogiame Atuwatse III – written by Jerome Okeme – Bronze Award Winner, Tony Tokunbo Fernandez Competition 2018

Ogiame Atuwatse III

Did you listen to the speech he gave during his coronation?

Did you see how his wise articulating words drenched our minds with wisdom?

How they fell upon the hungry ears of his subjects

So aggressively like the rainfall after August break

And flowed ceaselessly and seamlessly like the Warri River

Oh! I can tell that the Warri River felt a different surge on that faithful day

It will forever testify of his ability, agility and capacity.

Ogiame Atuwase III, may your reign be smoothSmoother and more colourful than the boat ride on that day

.Did you follow up with the worship session he led?

I can tell you were blessed.

Even the enemies felt terrified and fled

See how he prayed for the healing of the land that once bled

Did you study his countenance?

Calm, cool and comely.

His regalia made us appreciate more the beauty of our culture

And the heritage birthed from our tradition.It was a display of vigor and strength

An exhibition of royalty in utmost simplicity and dignity.

How can we forget in a hurry the authority in his voice?

The charisma and character is desirable.Did you perceive the alluring fragrance of his boldness?

It blew across the land like the strong wind that made the palm tree to bow

And made the other trees to whistle and dance in excitement.

Ogiame Atuwase III,

may your reign be long May Your kingdom

promote His Kingdom

May you rule with wisdom

And may the people sing a new song.

© Jerome Okeme

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