As the pages of this new dawn unfold, my heart is filled with gratitude for all your birthday wishes, it means the world to me.

The story of Life continues and the spirit of gratitude creates more room for happiness.

I have pinched myself over and over again, I feel too young to be 52 .

I woke this morning feeling so excited to embrace the blessings of this moment. 

And deep within me – The Spirit of gratitude creates room for more happiness 

Deep within me – is a child, excited by the beauty of places, people, situations and adventures. 

Deep within me are the imperfections that sometimes stain the footprints of humanity, for I am only human. 

As the pages of this new dawn unfold , I want to remind each and everyone that I love you (no matter who you are ). The irony sometimes is that we do not need to like someone to love them. There is wisdom in accepting and embracing all shades of humanity so let us embrace all voices. 

At 52, there are three great lessons I have learnt in recent years and I believe these three lessons have lived within me for a very long time.

The first lesson is that , A lot of the time we have nothing much to prove in life than do the right thing,be good to people , be the change we want to see in society, but most importantly – AIM TO BE THR VERY BEST VERSIONS OF OURSLEVES. 

In todays world, you will be amazed to know that a lot of people really struggle to be themselves. 

Take time to know yourself, love yourself and embrace the energy that makes you happy. 

There is only one you and there is so much you can give to life once you discover who you are and your purpose . So what are you waiting for? The world is waiting to hear your song. 

Do not be a follower, Be the Leader who is able to look within and embrace the beauty that the world needs, In simple terms – BE YOURSELF – YOUR SONG IS DIFFERENT FROM OTHERS. 

The 2ndlesson is that the spirit of happiness starts from within you. 

It starts from your thoughts and then your feelings and then your actions. 

What makes you happy? What feeds your special spirit with a sense of fulfilment ? What makes you so excited to wake up in the morning ? 

Now is the time to discover more about your inner self and the things that make you happy. Now is the time to start to feed your mind with the blessings of happy thought. The truth is that the more we begin to live though the journey of happy thoughts, the more we become motivated to embrace the beauty of life challenges and uncertainties. 

The third lesson is a very important one – THE SPIRIT OF GRATITUDE IN LIFE CREATES ROOM FOR MORE BLESSINGS. 

Be grateful for life , Be grateful for little things and cultivate a mindset within you with gratitude. The truth is that the spirit of gratitude also enables us to be more happier people. 

Our gratitude in life must also be extended to our prayers. I personally believe that one of the most important prayers is a prayer of gratitude. 

Start your prayer with a “thank you ” and end your day with a “thank you “

Take time to appreciate the simple things of life and be thankful – FOR GRATITUDE CREATES ROOM FOR MORE BLESSINGS .



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