About two years ago, I enrolled in an Efik class with the hope of learning the Efik Language. I realized several issues my Efik teacher faced when teaching Efik. For starters, the textbook we used was very old and colourless. Learning Efik from my tutor was a completely different experience from what I experienced when learning French in secondary school.

The issues which face the teaching of Efik in present times are numerous. I sought to solve this problem and for over a year, I recruited the aid of the best minds in the kingdom to produce a 21st century textbook

.This book which comes in three volumes; Learn Efik 1; Learn Efik 2 and Learn Efik 3 is aimed at eliminating all obstacles to the reading, writing and comprehension of the Efik Language. It is intended for students at the Primary and Junior secondary levels as well as those interested in learning the Efik Language.

The dual use of English and Efik is deliberate as research shows that students perform better when their L1 (primary language) is used as the mode of instruction in learning a new language. Interactive with online audio tracks, games, rhymes, songs, fun facts, lots of exercises and colourful images, this text modernises the way the Efik language is being taught and therefore, it is my hope that it captivates the young minds and the young at heart.

Today, I present the Learn Efik series 1 & 2.I’m grateful to all those who made these books possible. First and foremost: Abasi Ibom Enyong who sent his divine inspiration to me every morning πŸ˜ƒ; My ever-supportive family; Mr Archibong Archibong; Mrs Okang Ayi Inwang ; Mr Larry Offiong, Mr Ekei Duke, Mr Ben Okon, Mr Emmanuel Nsemoh, Mr Richard Duke, Professor Offiong Ani Offiong and many others too numerous to mention.

I’m also thankful to the publishers Kraft Books, Ibadan for a job well done πŸ˜ƒ. I’m grateful to the Obong of Calabar, Ifa Ibom Efik Eburutu, Edidem Ekpo Okon Abasi Otu V who granted to me his endorsement. Etia ke isọñ o Amasi ! Yak Akwa Abasi odu ye kpupru mbufo.

Distribution details will be announced shortly πŸ™‚


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