I am humbled to by the honour of ONE OF THE MOST OUTSTANDING MEN DURING BY PANDEMIC BY THE AFRICAN OF WOMEN IN EUROPE. Although this is my 22nd Award Recognition , it simply feels like the first.

The Soul of any community lives in the heart of its people, the spirit of CHANGE unfolds when we make the most of the present moment.

We are inviting you to join us and celebrate with us. BOOK YOUR TICKETS Fee for AWE & AWT Members at EventbriteThe event will be held on ( We hosted the last event 2020 on the same platform )Are you a business woman and would you like to showcase your product?

Book an exhibition stand where you will interact with guests virtually. How to book is on the Eventbrite Book YOUR TICKETS your friends to join us, as we celebrate together********* Sponsored by ***TAPTAP Send Get 10 Euro off your first payment use CODE :

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