Dr. Milton O. Obamba: Profile

Dr. Milton Obamba is currently Academic Fellow in international education policy and management at the University of Leeds, United Kingdom. Prior to joining Leeds University in 2017, Dr. Obamba was Senior Lecturer at the Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT) at the University of Central Lancashire.  He was previously a holder of the prestigious Carnegie Centenary Fellowship at the Leeds Beckett University where he received the PhD in international higher education policy and development before launching an international academic career. 

Prior to this phase, Obamba was also a recipient of the NORAD Fellowship which took him to the Universiteit Bergen, Norway for postgraduate studies.  During and after graduate studies, Obamba pursued advanced research training and practice at the international level as Visiting Research Fellow in various universities around the world; including Nordiska Afrika Institutet (University of Uppsala, Sweden), Amsterdam Institute Metropolitan and Development Studies (University of Amsterdam), Centre for African Studies (University of Leiden), CERES (Utrecht University), University of Monash (Australia), and Carnegie Research Institute at Leeds Beckett University (UK). 

Drawing on an interdisciplinary background, Dr. Obamba’s areas of expertise span international and comparative education, international development, public policy analysis, educational leadership and governance, quantitative and qualitative research methods, as well as the interface between education and sustainable global development.  Dr. Obamba demonstrates significant knowledge and expertise in both quantitative and qualitative research methods, data analysis, and analytic software. He is trained and well-practiced in applications of SPSS™, NVIVO™, and ATLAS™ software for performing a range of advanced quantitative and qualitative analyses. 

He is also competent in conducting Systematic Reviews using EPPI Reviewer4™, as well as working knowledge of PRINCE2™ project management system. During his career, Dr. Obamba has engaged in active scholarship and publication in several international academic journals, books, and commissioned technical reports. Some of his recent publications have appeared in Higher Education Policy, Journal of International and Comparative Education, and Sage Handbook of International Higher Education. His co-authored book, The Transnationally Partnered University (2014) is published by Palgrave MacMillan’s International and Development Education series. 

Over the last decade, Obamba has led and participated in several research and scholarship projects in international education and development policy across various countries Dr. Obamba has led or participated in various international research and consultancy projects commissioned by leading international organizations. In 2018, Dr. Obamba completed a multi-country commissioned research project to examine the structure, policies, and practices of doctoral training at leading universities across six African countries to advice the Partnership for African Social and Governance Research (PASGR) on their current mission to reform and revitalize doctoral education across African countries

Dr. Obamba also led a major international research and consultancy project in Uganda, Kenya, and Ghana commissioned by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) to conduct a thematic mapping of research and innovation systems, practices, and policies as part of OECD’s flagship program on Innovation, Higher Education and Research for Development (see synthesis report here). Dr Obamba has also been commissioned as Principal Investigator by the UK Department for International Development (DFID) in various projects, including conduct a systematic mapping and political economy analysis of social science research landscape and capacities in parts of Africa to inform and shape the DFID’s strategy towards establishing the East African Research Hub 

However, Dr. Obamba’s expertise and experience transcend the academia. Besides his well-known academic career, Dr. Obamba is also widely regarded as an accomplished digital entrepreneur and marketing expert of international standing. He has built and managed several thriving business ventures within the wider digital income space, including automated online business development and deployment, worldwide affiliate marketing and franchises, and digital network marketing. As a trained forex analyst, Dr. Obamba also runs ventures that provide unique concepts in Forex and Cryptocurrency trading helping hundreds of members around the world to benefit from the financial markets. Dr. Obamba will be pleased to welcome requests for assistance and consultancy in all areas of smart business development and passive income creation across many areas of the modern digital economy. 

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