A New Nigeria is possible in our generation:‼️

Good day compatriots and compliments of the season(s) of December, the seasons of love and hope. Please permit me to address you through this medium.‼️

ADC Diaspora Network (ADC-DN) is the Diaspora affiliate of the African Democratic Congress, currently the 3rd largest political party in Nigeria in terms of national spread, and the 4th in elected persons.‼️

The ADC-Diaspora Network is well integrated into the ADC structures as the 7th zone of the party with all the constitutional powers that are applicable to the 6 zones within the country. ‼️

ADC-DN is created to interface properly with all Nigerians in Diaspora across the 5 continents of the Globe to enable ADC benefit from the best international practise of the Diaspora which must be a catalyst in the transformation of our dear country Nigeria. ‼️Our vision including but not limited to Diaspora Voting 2023, true federalism, good governance, security of all Nigerians home and Abroad and imbibing the ADC DNA. ‼️

There are over 12,000 elective positions to be filled come 2023 (President & VP, 36 state governors & deputies), 109 senators, 360 house of reps members, over 800 state legislators, nearly 800 local council chairpersons, and nearly 10,000 ward Councillors). The opportunities for Diaspora to vie for elective positions and be the change we want are vast and possible. ‼️

You do not have to immediately relocate to Nigeria to start your political journey to bring about New Nigeria & Nigeria of our Dream! . ‼️

The year of the „Great Diaspora Returns“ starts today. Our country is/ are in great need of total RESCUE, the Diaspora are the critical component and ADC is providing the needed vehicle.‼️If you share same passion and currently residing in ADC 7th Zone of [Africa, Americas, Asia and Middle East, Europe, Oceania and Pacific Region and wish to join hands with us for a new Nigerian, kindly inbox me to send you the appropriate link to join ADC-DN in your region/continent.

Hon. Kenneth Gbandi Deputy National Chairman, Diaspora Engagement African Democratic Party (ADC)

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