My Black Market was founded by Daniel Lister, best selling author of Multiple Streams of Inspiration Vol. 2, co-authored with Les Brown the #1 Black speaker in the world, and billed as a collection from some of the sharpest minds of our time!

Since a teenager he has been a community activist, teacher and inspirational speaker, travelling up and down the country speaking to schools, businesses and community groups about Black Empowerment, personal development and business development.

After spending many years practising law and finance he attempted to set up the UKs’ first Black Owned bank; taking many meetings with various officials from different financial companies, the plan finally hit a wall when asked to show a target audience for the bank, and with the lack of a Black Community the plans had to be put on hold until there was a way to coordinate the Black Communitys’ spending; enter My Black Market. Daniel is the full time founder and managing director of My Black Market and Buy Black Clothing, a high end urban streetwear fashion and lifestyle brand aimed at redefining the Black image and making it aspirational. It aims to change the peoples mindset and perspective on Black Owned Products and Black Owned Services from something that is synonymous with bad customer service to something that’s associated with quality.

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