Headline – LCC lost millions in a week.

Peaceful angry youths built a fence of themselves

Between the Mainland and the Island.

The toll gate was their camp ground.

And they stood their ground in unity

With one voice…”#EndSars.

Advice came

“Get yourselves flags, the symbol of patriotism

Every man to his flag

Flutter it in the air

And let the air suffocate in the sound of the National Anthem you will chant.

No one will harm you.”


Curfew announced at noon to start 6pm same day

CCTV cameras were invited in camera

As evening crept in

They depended on the lights for vision

But the lights went out

And darkness was upon the face of the toll gate

The countenance of the gate was hidden.

While they waited, ‘They’ came .

Force men in uniform

Sent by “forces beyond control”

They opened fire that set the Nation on fire.

The Media houses were in their houses but the Social media

The youths fluttered in the air their green white green flags

And chorused the National Anthem but that didn’t stop ‘them’.

Heroes fell but their voices kept rising

The symbol of patriotism was painted with the blood of citizens.

It was a long night

History will not forget 20/10/2020.

© Jerome Okeme

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