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Professor Charles Egbu has been appointed Vice-Chancellor of Leeds Trinity University. Professor Egbu will return to Leeds, a city in which he studied and taught, to begin his new role on 1 November 2020. He will take over from Professor Margaret A House OBE who will step down after seven years as Vice-Chancellor.

The Professor said: “I am honoured to be joining Leeds Trinity; a University who’s values and ethos around widening participation, offering a personalised approach and encouraging all students to achieve their best, align with my own. The University has an impressive track record in learning, teaching and employability, and I am looking forward to building on the strong foundations established under the leadership of Professor House.

“I have already been impressed by the sense of community at Leeds Trinity and I am looking forward to engaging with students, colleagues and alumni as we shape the future strategy of the institution. I am also looking forward to returning to Leeds; the city in which I spent much of my early academic life.”

With more than 25 years’ experience in higher education, Professor Egbu was previously Pro Vice-Chancellor for Education and Experience at the University of East London, where he was responsible for student experience, student success, student retention, quality assurance and enhancement, the Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching, and the Students’ Union. He is also a member various external bodies, including the Advance HE Pro Vice-Chancellor Network and QAA Panel of Experts.



©COVD19 Lockdown

On 16th March (2020) I started isolating,

to protect myself from Coronavirus cross infection.

This unprecedented lock down opened doors for me all around.

I’m busier now than I’ve been before, doing things I’ve not done of yore.

Every day after ablution I meditate, then follow the daily routine I create

I exercise and deep breathe too,

and Tai Chi practice, I regularly do.

Daily I walk 1000 steps or more,

 circling around from front door to my back door

or I’ll go up and downstairs 35 times, while singing musical rhymes

I’ve scanned my address book and diary, and using social media successfully,

networked with friends and family, while reaching out to those who’re lonely.

I’ve invented culinary delights, like orange peel tea & green-banana skin bites.

The weather has been fairly good, so I’m enjoying things in my ‘hood’,

like seeing the difference between a wasp and a bee

and listening  to birds singing in the nearby tree.

My creative juices have been stimulated

and lots more poems I’ve created.

I’ve written a short autobiography, for the magazine, ‘People in Harmony’.

Three on-line courses I’ve completed and Mindfulness I have repeated.

I’ve learnt to compress a massive file, and change Microsoft word to a PDF file.

I rediscovered my piano key board in its package undisturbed,

and have started once more to play, a little tune each day.

I’ve discovered who cares about me,

these are my son, William and his family, and Mandy, Ruth, Vesna and Valerie,

 who religiously do my shopping for me.

Others bring joy to me, by demonstrating their loyalty.

I adhere to six feet distancing and remain in social isolation.

I don’t touch my grandchildren physically,

 but bed-time stories I tell them electronically.

I sing and dance with on line training, and Mr. Motivator exercising

My perceptions are more aware and I smell and breathe fresher air

The rays of the sun are warm on my skin, as the vitamin “D” in my pelt sinks in.

The sky is clearer now at night, and I see myriads of   stars shining bright.

Numerous clouds are visible during the day

Some whose names I can barely say.

like cumulonimbus billowing by

and nimbostratus darkening the sky, 

Social isolation has not been too bad for me, in this shutdown society.



Eulinda-Antonette Clarke-Akalanne was born in Barbados.  She came to England to train as a Registered General Nurse and worked as General Nursing Sister, Midwifery-Sister, Senior Psychiatric Charge-nurse and Health Visitor. In 2018 Eulinda-Antonette obtained BA honours in Anthropology from the University of Bristol. She is dramatist and singer and begun writing poems when she was 5 years old. Here are some of her most recent poems.


© ‘A Lesson in listening ‘.

Don’t always take what people say as fact.

Allow for messages to be given front to the back.

Some folk may tell you what they think you want to hear

 or may twist things to make them sound quit nice and clear.

News may be embellished to make it sound good

or be scandalized,  for your attention to hold.   

People may relate things from their own perspective

from their subjective view and not the objective.

Listen wisely to all that you hear

and unpack the contents bare.

Ask, scrutinize and analyze.

Double-check to separate fact from fiction

that comes from the teller’s diction.



Eulinda-Antonette Clarke-Akalanne was born in Barbados.  She came to England to train as a Registered General Nurse and worked as General Nursing Sister, Midwifery-Sister, Senior Psychiatric Charge-nurse and Health Visitor. In 2018 Eulinda-Antonette obtained BA honours in Anthropology from the University of Bristol. She is dramatist and singer and begun writing poems when she was 5 years old. Here are some of her most recent poems.


My name is Khadijah Ahmad Rufa’i currently working with Liberty TV/Radio (91.7fm & 103.1fm) Kaduna. 

   I am an award winning broadcast journalist who has been in the field with over 5 years experience. I have worked with two different media organisations (BUK fm and Express fm) in Kano before my current employer.

  I am currently a bi-lingual broadcaster (i present in both english and hausa), On air personality, reporter, producer and presenter (i present both educational, informative and entertainment programs). I also voice over jingles, radio drama and promos. I do my work passionately and i do it well.

    I enjoy watching movies, reading and hanging out with friends.

   My social media handle is @khadijahrufai (instagram and twitter) and can also be reached via email or phone number 07033014356.



We can all relate with trying to juggle everything – relationships, work and of course, paying the bills! With such busy lives, modern life can feel like a constant race to do as much as possible. However, taking time to relax is important to lowering your stress levels.

Everyone needs a respite and Respite Tea Dreams is the perfect brew to destress and simply relax.

Made with a blend of bitter leaves with hibiscus, ginger and orange, this super brew is packed with antioxidants to revive and revitalise. The rich cranberry-like flavour is refreshing. Enjoy daily for a wholesome rejuvenation.

Four reasons why you must get Respite Dreams:

  1. Hibiscus is loaded with antioxidants, which help fight free radicals and reduce oxidative damage and repair skin damage. This simply means that hibiscus might be able to lower inflammation in the body, and keep your skin looking dewy and youthful.

2. Ginger is packed with more than 40 antioxidants that are said to fight the tell-tale signs of ageing. Not only does ginger help your skin by flushing out toxins, it also encourages blood circulation.

3. Oranges are positively packed with vitamin C, which helps your body synthesize collagen, a protein that’s crucial for building healthy skin. Oranges’ high beta-carotene content also helps your body create and process vitamin A, which aids in skin cell growth.

4, Bitter leaf which is known to help cleanse such vital organs of the body like the liver and the kidney

These super healthy ingredients combined with create turbo charged brew for the best way to supercharge your system.

With Respite Tea Dreams, you get the multitude of benefits for regeneration and renewal of your skin as you sleep.

Even the process of pouring the water over the tea bag and breathing in the relaxing aroma will be a pause for thought before you drink the tea on the go and get back to working hard!

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Enjoy the weekend guys,



Zulayhat Bello Gobir, popularly known as ‘Zeaty’ is a Radio Broadcaster and currently Head of Station Liberty Radio 91.7Fm Kaduna.

She is an Award Winning On Air Personality with 12 years work experience where she worked at Ray Power 106.5Fm Kaduna as an OAP from 2008 to 2010.

However, she currently works at Liberty TV/Radio 91.7Fm Kaduna as Head of Station where she manages the affairs/programmes and human Resources of the radio station. She is also a Producer, Voice Over Artist, OAP, News Caster, TV Presenter and Event Host.

Zeaty is also a Presenter of the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria under Newage Network as a recorded Programme shown on Nigeria Television Authority International (NTAi) and Channels TV.   

Zeaty enjoys Dancing, Cooking and Meeting People.

Her social media handle is @iamzeaty (Instagram and Twitter) and can also be reached via Email


Innovation meets tradition – Bitterleaf teas for you

“Biterleaf boosts T cells’ ability to react against bacterial and viral infections,” says Dr. John Ezeigwe, a consultant gynaecologist in Lagos. This action helps your body fight against antioxidants and relieves abdominal inflammation.

The benefits of bitter leaves have long been established in West Africa. Known for its medicinal properties, bitter leaves have been most commonly used to treat malaria, period pains, diabetes and arthritis.

The team at Respite Tea have taken it a step further, to blend the powerful bitter leaves with other super ingredients and created five unique variations- each one giving you a metabolic boost.

Each variant is blended with a personal touch to ensure you get the maximum benefit;

1. COOL- bitter leaves with lemon balm and white tea provides a brew with a delicious aroma that aids stress reduction. Enjoy daily knowing that you are helping your body relax.

2. DREAMS- bitter-leaves with hibiscus, ginger and orange, this super brew is packed with antioxidants to revive and revitalise. The rich cranberry-like flavour is refreshing. Enjoy daily for a rejuvenating good night’s sleep

3. PURE – made with 100% bitter-leaves, PURE provides a brew that is infinitely efficacious based on centuries of use as a traditional remedy for inflammatory ailments.

4. Smooth– bitter-leaves with apple and cinnamon provides a brew that satisfies your sweet cravings while offering thermogenic benefits and aids a healthy diet.

5. Warm made from bitter-leaves, mediterranean chili and mint, provides a divine brew that excites the senses while providing thermogenic benefits.

Enjoy a full-bodied taste experience

In a 2014 study, Dr. Adeolu Adedapo of the Department of Pharmacology, University of Ibadan, concluded that ‘bitter- leaves are invaluable for the antioxidant, anti -inflammatory and analgesic properties.

You can now enjoy the truly remarkable benefits of bitter leaves. Try it a Don’t just take OUR word for it, see our testimonials on AND

Cheers    Tony