Innovation meets tradition – Bitterleaf teas for you

“Biterleaf boosts T cells’ ability to react against bacterial and viral infections,” says Dr. John Ezeigwe, a consultant gynaecologist in Lagos. This action helps your body fight against antioxidants and relieves abdominal inflammation.

The benefits of bitter leaves have long been established in West Africa. Known for its medicinal properties, bitter leaves have been most commonly used to treat malaria, period pains, diabetes and arthritis.

The team at Respite Tea have taken it a step further, to blend the powerful bitter leaves with other super ingredients and created five unique variations- each one giving you a metabolic boost.

Each variant is blended with a personal touch to ensure you get the maximum benefit;

1. COOL- bitter leaves with lemon balm and white tea provides a brew with a delicious aroma that aids stress reduction. Enjoy daily knowing that you are helping your body relax.

2. DREAMS- bitter-leaves with hibiscus, ginger and orange, this super brew is packed with antioxidants to revive and revitalise. The rich cranberry-like flavour is refreshing. Enjoy daily for a rejuvenating good night’s sleep

3. PURE – made with 100% bitter-leaves, PURE provides a brew that is infinitely efficacious based on centuries of use as a traditional remedy for inflammatory ailments.

4. Smooth– bitter-leaves with apple and cinnamon provides a brew that satisfies your sweet cravings while offering thermogenic benefits and aids a healthy diet.

5. Warm made from bitter-leaves, mediterranean chili and mint, provides a divine brew that excites the senses while providing thermogenic benefits.

Enjoy a full-bodied taste experience

In a 2014 study, Dr. Adeolu Adedapo of the Department of Pharmacology, University of Ibadan, concluded that ‘bitter- leaves are invaluable for the antioxidant, anti -inflammatory and analgesic properties.

You can now enjoy the truly remarkable benefits of bitter leaves. Try it a Don’t just take OUR word for it, see our testimonials on AND

Cheers    Tony

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