TIFFACARE AT YOUR SERVICE – We are doing online camps now!

Since we understand that you might need help with your child, we have decided to do an online camp! This camp will start on August 3rd. We will keep your kid busy and make them have fun. Every week, we have a theme and every day of that week, we will be doing something related to that theme. We will do a variety of fun stuff for your child such as learning new things about our theme, playing theme related games, and making crafts that relate to our theme.



Week 1- Art Week

On art week, we do everything art including art games, crafts, etc. Campers will be learning different things about art and about different artists while still having fun.

Week 2- Problems Week

On problems week, we talk about different issues of the world such as global warming, racism, and other problems. We talk about ways we can help to make them better and do different activities to help people in need

Week 3- Heritage Week

On heritage week, campers can share their heritage and what they know about it. This will give all the campers a chance to explore different heritages and pushes them to learn more about their own heritage.

Week 4- Fun Week

It’s the last week of camp and there is only one more week until summer ends. Might as well make the most of it. This week we will be ending the summer on a high note with fun crafts, games, and more.

FOR MORE INFO, CONTACT US TODAY AT campcubs8@gmail.com

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