Ibim Banigo Fapohunda – Former Director, Save The Woman

Ibim is an international Engineering Management professional driven by her passion to contribute to the betterment of lives around her and empower people to build a sustainable future for themselves – through health, education, public administration, infrastructure, trade and such like development initiatives.

From her institutional appointment in 2007 as International Students Officer at the University of Birmingham to her Sub-Saharan Business Development corporate assignment from 2012 to 2017, Ibim has actively participated in social development initiatives in the UK and across several second and third world territories.

Ibim describes some of her most memorable life experiences from 2008 to date as the opportunity to be part of overseas missions teams in Eastern Africa and Eastern Europe – building homes for families, teaching school children, working in household farms and living with local families during these missions were remarkable experiences that resonates greatly with Ibim’s passion to impact lives.

Ibim held the position of Chair and Member of Save the Woman’s Board of Trustees from 2017 to 2019.

Currently, alongside her role since 2010 as a UK Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics ‘STEM’ Ambassador – actively educating children and young people of the vital roles STEM play in our world; Ibim holds the position of Non-Exec Director of This Is Us ‘TIU’ UK – a UK non-profit organization aimed at collaborating with communities to practically address health and social issues affecting young people, thus enabling the realization of their full potential as future world changers.

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