Natasha M. Bynoe
Chief Executive Officer

About Natasha Margaret-Victoria Bynoe the Historian
Ms. Bynoe has worked on many projects that researched the lives of the enslaved in the Caribbean for the University of the West Indies and various government agencies. As of January 2020, Ms. Bynoe was appointed the C.E.O of a newly formed non-profit organization The African Diaspora Institute of Cultural Exchange and Historical Research also known as C.E.H.R. “We are an Institute that connects the mosaic of cultures of the Black Atlantic through cultural and educational exchanges and research.” For Ms. Bynoe, there is not enough scholarship as it pertains to African Diaspora histories. It is her vision as C.E.O is to create historical and cultural projects to open opportunities for many historians and culturist from around the region and to create public seminars and programs.

Her current research explores the spaces in West Africa used for human captivity. The amalgamation of narratives from both sides of the black Atlantic, shows a route filled with unimaginable horrors and triumphs: from the capture to enslavement. The oral histories told by the chiefs, kings, and griots are often times in contrast to narratives written in the history books. As of May of 2018, Ms. Natasha Bynoe traveled to Ghana and Burkina Faso to record the various narratives passed down generations of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade and slave raids that happened well into the first quarter of the 20th century stories that were told at the various areas of capture, punishment, and places used for markets to buy and sell human capital. Most importantly, the stories of rescue, escapees, and those left behind to form new ethno-societies are stories rarely heard.

Ms. Bynoe is an extremely proud alumni of the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Barbados. She has a B.A (Hon) and M.A in History. In 2018, Ms. Bynoe spent 3 weeks as a researcher at Cape Coast Castle, and Elmina Castle in Ghana and holds the honor of being the first Barbadian to give a presentation at Cape Coast Castle, the title: ‘ Terror Continued: The First Seventy Three Years of Enslavement in Barbados’

Lady NV Radio Presenter
Natasha Bynoe aka “Lady NV” best known female DJ for creating high voltage musical sparks on radio has been in the music industry over 25 years. Lady NV has toured over 28 cities on more than 3 continents. As an assistant to Russell Simmons at RAL/DEF Records, she worked at a variety of prestigious record labels. While working as an assistant publicist she represented clients like Gangstarr, Arrested Development and Janet Jackson on EMI North America Records. After leaving the labels, Lady NV went to work directly for Hip Hop legend KRS-1 as his personal assistant and was later promoted to the position of his assistant manager.

When NV left the employment of KRS-1, she brought her deft resolve to radio starting on WNWK 105.9 New York, Power 105 NYC and Hot 102 Jamaica. Securing a deal with Madison Paarc Radio Networks in 2008, Lady NV was the hosts of a highly energetic, and celebrity studded syndicated show called ‘Urban Vybz’ with up to 5 million faithful listeners mainly in Africa and America. ‘Urban Vybz’ was a two hour mix show with Lady NV as the turntablist and DJ, mixing World African Music, Reggae, and Soca. ‘Urban Vybz’ was rated #1 in Gambia on Unique FM and was heard in Zimbabwe for 3 years, Liberia for 2 years, Ghana for over 8 years, and Gambia for 10 years. The same buzz Lady NV created worldwide was felt at SLAM 101.1FM Barbados. The Weekday Fix was a hub for both international and local celebrities. The Weekday Fix was the most listened and rated #1 show on Slam 101.1 FM for 3 years.



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