Completing an art residency , so from Thursday 27th Feb – Monday 2nd March, I will be having an open studio to show some new paintings and paintings in progress.

If you around the area, drop by and come check it out.

Brixton Village
Studio 73B
5th Avenue
(1st floor above Supercute Bar / side door entrance to Studio 73 takes you upstairs)

Thursday 11am – 6pm
Friday 12noon – 9pm
Saturday 12noon – 6pm
Sunday 12noon – 4pm
Monday 11am – 4pm

Hopefully see you there 🏾




An Instinctive Journey through Time and Space on a Path to Find Place


My work is defined by markings as a process of visual expression. In repetitions and in colours, these markings form a pattern or language as a way of understanding emotion and body in space.


These new works explore the narrative of markings around various themes which explore ‘Markings’ as: scarification, identity, paths, journeys, body in space,  energy;  all occupying space.



About the Artist:


Farouk Adegboyega Agoro is an artist and architect based in Brixton, London. Originally born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria to a Nigerian father and Jamaican mother, he moved to England as a young teenager to attend school. Farouk’s parents studied in the USA in the 1960-70s before returning to Nigeria to settle and he was greatly influenced by their music, art and literature collections from that period.  His father, now a retired town planner, was always sketching and doodling while his mother, a retired pharmacist, is still very crafty – crocheting, sewing, making dolls, quilts, bags etc… Farouk was surrounded by a lot of creativity which guided him towards him pursuing architecture as a career.


He has been working as an architect for over 12 years and has been painting on and off during that period. With a desire to pursue other creative projects, he decided to divert more attention in the past three years to his passion for painting as a form of expression.




Website link below


Farouk Agoro





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