The difference between LinkedIn & Facebook – by Oscar Bimpong

Difference Between LinkedIn and Facebook

These two are social media sites but they operate differently.

The following are my own opinionated differences and advise on how to manage the two platforms.

1. LinkedIn is designed for professionals and business entities to dialogue and share ideas and experiences whilst Facebook is designed to connect people to share their social experiences.

2. Your profile on Linkedin must be strictly professional whilst Facebook can be casual. For example your profile picture must be professional on LinkedIn and can be casual on Facebook.

3. You have to fill your bio in full on LinkedIn but on Facebook you can choose not to.

4. On Facebook, you can post anything but on LinkedIn, you have to be strategic.

5. Facebook is an open space for the educated and the uneducated whilst LinkedIn is strictly for professionals pursuing a career or an entrepreneur.

6. Limit the posting of social issues on LinkedIn as compared to Facebook and post things that are relevant to a professional life.

7. The class of people on LinkedIn are highly educated as compared to Facebook.

8. Whatever you post and comment on linkedIn must strictly be educational.

9. Don’t use short hand on LinkedIn. Write words and sentences in full to make sense to the other professional reading it.

10. Lastly, separate your professional life from your social life and know how to manage these two huge platforms to your advantage.

I will therefore want to reiterate the fact that, you must know how to operate these two platforms. Understanding how the two works can be an asset to drive your vision to these two ecosystems.

Success is based on knowledge. Learn to seek knowledge.

Thanks and have a blessed week.

Oscar Bimpong


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