Charles Leyman Kachitsa is an entrepreneur, accomplished academician & consultant and community leader. In Business he is the director of his own companies Fades Agency Ltd and Leyman Publications Ltd. Is also co-director of several companies amongst them Moni Investments Ltd, Mind strategies Ltd of Archbishop Dr Agama, Wazobia a Nigerian led company and Noah’s Ark Academy Ltd; all registered in the UK.

He is an accomplished academician and administrator who has taught at the University of Salford in Manchester; strategic management and combining that more recently with teaching various public colleges in Manchester in the area of business management. He has more than ten years’ experience of teaching in this field. As a consultant he helps businesses with strategy in all functional areas and setting up of new businesses including registration. Charles is an accomplished business trainer, who goes around teaching business skills to established businesses as well as start-ups. He is a much organised administrator and in this regard assists organisations in systems design and event planning.

As a community leader Charles founded the Malawi Manchester Association (MMA), co-founded the Malawi United Business Link (MUBL) and is also currently chairman the African Council UK (ACUK), an umbrella body of African UK community organisations. In this domain he has designed community courses which have been delivered successfully at various community organisations. Charles has two books published one of which the Back to Work came out of the community courses. The community work extends to helping and leadership in various churches including religious network organisations.He is director and trustee of Christian Way of Life churches and director of the Apostolic Order of St Hadrian of Canterbury. His experience in community work started more than twenty years ago in his country of origin Malawi where he was involved in the leadership of such organisations as the JCs International and the Drama Association just to mention a few.

He has recently been awarded a PhD doing research in the field of management motivation that will lead to an award of a doctoral degree. Charles holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree from Birmingham City University.



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