My name is Glynis Fletcher /Sibisi

Born and bred in South Africa, one of the 10 children of Mr and Mrs Sibisi. My upbringing was a very challenging one however I worked with diligence to achieve my degree in nursing which was in university of Western Cape.

In 1999 I came to work in this country,  United Kingdom and bringing 3 children on my own was a big challenge but I used my challenges as stepping stones  to accomplish my goals. In 2005 I met Neil Fletcher, now my husband and IMy daddy haven charity was conceived through my mentor Ps Kofi Owusu/ Alive for a purpose masterclass.

Our objectives is to give underprivileged children a chance to achieve their goals in life. At present we are supporting this children where they live with the aim to build an orphanage in South Africa where their needs will be met in an environment that is conductive to their learning, safety and security.

We are in a process of applying for a charity status so that we will be able to reach out for financial assistance.

We believe that the future of this children is brighter than their past and we are willing to go an  extra mile to see it fulfilled. With God on our side, nothing will be impossible.


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