Rasheed kayode bushura, a unique and provocative artist, has been painting professionally for over 10 years. Born and raised in London, he studied Graphic arts and illustration at the University of East London. His technique has been described as Old Master and “smooth as silk.” Since 2011, Rasheed has concentrated on realistic portraiture, expertly capturing subtle aspects of personality. He maintains that the most challenging and rewarding subject of art is the human visage. Among other artistic honors, major paintings have been exhibited at the V&A museum, the nunnery gallery, shonibare studios and many more. As well premier private collections.

Rasheed developed his life long interests in art drawings and producing architectural works from an early age. These works were inspired when his mothers house unfortunately burnt down, in a effort to be supportive he embarked on a project to produce the blueprints for the new house, this rather unfortunate circumstance proved to be the road where he would discover his ability to be imaginative and creative in-fact seeing his drawings incorporated in the final masonry enthralled him. The great pride such works brought to himself and his close relatives instilled him a strong ambition to become a renowned artist.

In his teens taking a keen interest in design and technology plus art he outdone himself producing cherished works influence by greats like Picasso, Andy Warhol, Van Gogh and Robert Russienberg, relishing in his ability to be original he adds his own twist to his works though they shadow his role models.

However Resheed’s main theme for his works did not fully develop until completing his B.A honours in graphic arts and illustration, gradating in 2010 his works showed the maturity not only found in his style but in his interests, showing interests in ancient cultures, like the Egyptians, Mayans, Hindu and Greece; these are a small minority of his broad spectrum.

Rasheed has been hosting and directing projects, as of recent he has been involved in contributing his experience gained over the years to schools in east London helping to instil confidence in young people. Adept in using software’s such Photoshop, illustrator and in-design he designs and illustrates using the devices when necessary, he currently oversees RKB Enterprise providing a multidisciplinary art service to client worldwide, coordinating creative events and project management.


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