Stephen Ssali is a Holistic Health and Nutritional Consultant living in The UK. He is originally from Uganda and is also The CEO of  Mariandina  research foundation.

He was one of The 5 Key Speakers at Our Black History Month Celebrations that took place at The UK House of Parliament for the 7th year in a row on Friday the 25th of October 2019

About Mariandina

Transforming despair of bad health into rejuvenated living. It provides the body with nutrients and minerals that are often lacking in your daily diet.
Mariandina believes that nutritional supplements from natural sources are beneficial to the immune systems of those with arthritis, diabetes, asthma, lupus, cancer and viral diseases like HIV/AIDS and hepatitis.
Medical doctors are experiencing an ever-increasing demand for holistic medicine as opposed to allopathic chemical-based drugs of the pharmaceutical industries. Mariandina is a nutritional supplement that is beneficial to those that take it.



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