Florence Okonkwo made it to the Top Toronto film festival.she won award 2019. Queen of Red Carpet UK storms Nigeria for the Nelas Academy Awards 2019 The flamboyant and ageless screen goddess Florence Blaster Okonkwo, a United Kingdom based Nollywood actress and film producer is expected in Nigeria soon for the 14th Excellence and Leadership Awards being put together by the Nelas Academy.
Beautiful and glamorous diamond Ms. Florence Okonkwo, popularly known as the Queen of Red Carpet is no doubt a highly industrious and wonderful woman of substance who believe that she could afford anything, could also give anything but she could not share a moment red carpet with a dull guy. The multiple awards winning United Kingdom based diva also known as Blaster is from Ogwashi-Uku in Delta State of Nigeria Lagos State University (LASU) graduate with a degree in Banking and Finance and ultimately enrolled for post-graduate studies in Marketing at Middlesex University, United Kingdom.
Florence copiously manifested the zeal for social services, selflessness and humanitarian gestures throughout her educational career as she was at different time member of such societies including Brownies and Girls Guide, Red Cross, etc. Her sterling qualities leadership, coupled with a knack for proactive gestures, has usually devolved on her positions of responsibility at every level of her education.
These qualities equally attracted various beneficial gestures in her favour, one of which was the scholarship for a Master’s degree at University of Middlesex. Sequel to a successful educational sojourn, Florence began to explore the competitive and highly challenging movie industry where she played leading role in classy movies and acted as Producer and/or Director in some others, including, but not limited to Shameful Deceit; The Soul; 18 Carat Mama; Heartless Carer; Broken Cross; Oga Detective; Return of the Don; The Baron; Love Conquer; Golden Love; Passport Sake; Top Range and Queen of the Red Carpet, “This is not about me” featuring Hollywood, Bollywood and Nollywood actors.
It is particularly worthy to note that Blaster weathered the storm and all challenges to stardom in environment mostly considered masculine and displayed rare courage and sportsmanship. One could not, but marvel at the mannerism which this incredible role model has managed her career with the daunting challenges of family and quasi-societal needs. In fact, a critical assessment of her role in such movies as Top Range, 18 Carat Mama , love conquer and Oga Detective, For the Love of Money to mention a few clearly attests to her quality as a quintessential character, easy to adore.
It is important therefore to remark that Florence toiled, paid her dues at acceptable measures, and underwent requisite tutelage in order to attract an audience which has remained steadfast to date. Apparently, the earlier days were cloudy, but the level of resilience of this lady facilitated much strength to clear the teething hitches. Accordingly, she has amassed an intimidating number of awards spread across 4 continents.
These include Hollywood -Africa Prestigious Award best actress 2018, BEFFTA best Producer 2018 and Film Producer 2014, ZAFAA Recognition award 2018, MAFAA Ambassador for Peace a 2018, EPRA Leadership and Entrepreneurial Awards 2017, MBGA The Most Beautiful girl in Abuja, Judge and recognition award. New Brand Amb. UK the official Hollwood and African Prestigious awards, Global hidden treasures award, Cameroon film & movie academy Award, Podium recognition 2016, LA NUIT DES OSCAR UK special Diaspora prize, Queen of Red Carpet Award 2016, Queen of Nollywood 2016, BEFFTA Community Champion 2016, London of Borough of Southwark 2011.
Florence Blaster Onkonkwo is the founder and convener of ‘Stand By Me Network and member of UK Nollywood Producers Guild UKNPG. Arising from the sad experience of losing 2 of her siblings, to Sickle Cell at the tender age, Ms Okonkwo resolved to do all within her reach to reduce the scourge of the disease from the society. Her efforts in this respect have attracted an award recognition both from the Deputy Mayor of Southwark, Counsellor Lorraine Lauder and Carol Nwosu, the founder of ‘Sickle Cell and Young Stroke Survivor’ in the UK. She is the founder of ‘M & M FOUNDATION’, a charity organization, established to help vulnerable and grass-root people in Africa; set up in 2018.
As a practitioner, it is always interesting to imagine how this naturally gifted lady combines intricate measure of affection, love, suspense, understanding and predictive ability in her role in movies. In the combined history of Hollywood and Nollywood, Blaster gained inroad at a relatively tender age and was able to amass a great number of awards as an Actor, Producer, or Executive Producer. Ms. Florence Blaster Okonkwo was listed in the 2019-2020 edition of The Nelas Top 100 Most Influential Personalities by the publisher and editor in chief comrade F

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