Her Excellency Dr. Queen Blessing Ose Itua, an award-winning recipient of President Barack Obama Lifetime Achievement Award for Excellence in Service is an Outstanding Georgia Citizen, a Goodwill Ambassador, and a United Nations Representative. She is a resilient, tenacious, vibrant personality, public health practitioner, author, motivational speaker, social activist, producer, businesswoman, and fabulous mother of distinction to two sons and two daughters. She is a transformational coach, a counsellor, and a Diplomate – Certified Psychotherapist Counsellor (DCPC). As a specialist in spiritual counseling, she motivates others to maximize full potentials by adding God into their life pursuits and circumstance for the desired attitude and action. She believes in addressing whole wellness issues of the individual (physical, spiritual, and psychological issues).  This is the real secret to reawakening the individual to unlocking the blessing code and blossoming into the blessing that they were created to be.

Educationally, Queen Blessing is a biochemist, public health practitioner with earned doctorates in Theology, Ministry, and Diplomate – Certified Psychotherapist Counsellor (DCPC).


She earned her biochemistry degree from the prestigious University of Benin, Nigeria.

In the USA, she earned a Master of Public Health from the University of Illinois, Chicago, USA, Technical Management degree from DeVry University, Fitness Nutrition/Fitness Training from ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association), USA. In addition to the earned doctorates, Dr. Queen Blessing was also conferred a Ph.D. in Humanities and Humane Letters (Honoris Causa), USA. Dr. Queen Blessing is also Georgia State Board Certified Master Beauty Expert and is entrepreneur of Blessings Beauty Supply Stores for over a decade in Georgia.

Her painful, but powerful personal experiences of abuse and abandonment along with her four young children inspired her diverse educational backgrounds. She decided to complete Doctorates in Ministry and Theology education when she learnt to add God to her life’s challenges and pursuits.

Her important life lessons and diverse educational backgrounds in biochemistry, public health promotion – preventive wellness, cosmetology, fitness nutrition, Ministry, theology, etc. inspire her inspirational books, awareness-educational movies, supremely blessed for blessings inspirational, image-wellness-lifestyle transformational messages delivered to many globally through her educational empowerment books, movies, and NGOs.



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