Matilda Chongwa popularly known as AC matilda Matilda Chongwa is a multi-award-wining Social Advocate. A Diversity and Inclusion Coach.

She holds two postgraduate degrees in Social Enterprise and Leadership and Management from AIT Ireland. People’s Management certificate from University of Reading, UK. Certificate in Diabetes Pandemic from University of Dundee, Scotland. BA in Business Enterprise and Community Development A.I.T. She works with the Archdiocese of Dublin. She is the Director of AC Matilda Enterprise. The Founder and Director of Global Diabetes Initiatives which bring Irish Doctors and volunteers to Nigeria and other African countries on an International Diabetes Project that provides free education, awareness and screening on Diabetes. Matilda is the Founder and organiser of the World Diabetes Fashion Show. The Mr and Miss Valentine’s pageant and Fashion Show which raised significant funds for charities in Ireland.

She is the former Director of Miss European Team Ireland and the brain behind the International Runway Achievers and Recognition Awards, an annual event in Ireland that recognises people in Pageantry, Fashion, Entertainment, Community and Business. She is the Founder and Director of the Multicultural fashion Show. Promoting Diversity and Social Inclusion in Ireland. She has been offered position as chief judge in many Beauty Pageants across Europe.

In 2016, at a prestigious ceremony that was held in Germany, she was awarded the title of African Living Legend for Diaspora Integration. She is a Global Goodwill Ambassador for Ireland. tegration. She is a Global Goodwill Ambassador for Ireland.




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