Hi, I’m Yemi Akinsiwaju. Over many years, I have shared extensively with thousands of people on the subject of personal development, effective management and leadership and have come to be known as the Leadership Catalyst.

I am the Director of Operations for New Wine International, UK and founder of DaySpring Consulting UK, a consultancy dedicated to enhancing the leadership capacity of individuals and organizations.

I sit on the Board of Directors of the International Third World Leaders Association (ITWLA), an organisation devoted to training and developing leaders and aspiring leaders in over forty nations.

As an international speaker, business consultant and author, my focus is on the crucial issues of leadership, personal transformation, organisational effectiveness, social and spiritual development.

It is my privilege to have written hundreds of articles that have helped many thousands to discover, develop and deliver their leadership uniqueness in their own arenas of influence.

I am the author of three highly acclaimed books:

I have had the privilege of addressing audiences from over 50 nations as a conference speaker, seminar facilitator, mentor, trainer, coach and in television and radio appearances.


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