Ms. Ekanem Robertson is a force for change. Her energy fills every room she finds herself in and she has become such a popular host for a variety of events and media platforms. Driven by a burning desire to inspire and educate others about a diverse range of issues, Ms. Robertson wants nothing more than for women to make choices that will allow them to thrive and be happy. Her work has a focus on helping African Caribbean and African women of all ages, all over the world, and she’s not afraid to ask the questions that others avoid. She’s bold and powerful and has a great time while she’s at it!

While she tackles some serious issues, Ms. Robertson has a great sense of humour. Her eloquence has made her a popular MC on the diaspora circuit and a favorite with event organizers. Ms. Robertson has co-presented the award winning, The Woman TV Show, on BEN TV, SKY 182 since 2012, dynamically inspiring women to reach their full potential. As an advocate for proper parenting and education, amongst other topics, Ms. Robertson has been very active in raising awareness of diaspora matters as the Membership Secretary for the Nigerian Women in Diaspora Leadership Forum (NWDLF). This organisation was established in 2010 to raise the profile of Nigerian women, at home and abroad, to empower and support them in leadership. She was also instrumental in the formation of the Calabar Women’s Association in London, as the past Vice President and remaining an active member.

Ms. Robertson spent her formative years in the U.K. and studied law at the University of London before she was called to the Nigerian Bar in 1985. As a columnist for the U.K. based, community newspaper, Nigerian Watch, her column, ER With The Eagle Eye tackles important ideas periodically on the Woman Watch page.

Ms. Robertson’s community consciousness reaches far and wide, like her big and loving heart. With a long-standing involvement with the charity, Contact for the Elderly and Sickle Cell Champions, she often participates in fundraising, once walking 3 km in 4 inch red high heels for the organization! She is also a trained Children’s Champion for AFRUCA (Africans Unite against Child Abuse), where she trains parents, community leaders and professionals in the UK about cultural clashes, the law and the dangers of child abuse. Ms. Robertson is a valued mentor, counselor, coach, trainer and thinker in a number of fields that are lucky to feel the benefits of her enthusiastic change making.


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