Great moments unfold when historical and productive steps are inspired by the change makers and role models of our society to add more value to the decisions we make today for the future, and so when AFRICAN TIDE TEAM organized the AFRICAN UNION DAY CONFERENCE in Dortmund, Germany on Friday the 24th of May and Saturday the 25th of MAY at the Dortmund  Football Museum in Germany, the city came to life with a wide range of Business Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Historians, Lecturers, Bloggers and Community ambassadors in attendance

Representatives from different countries and regions travelled far and wide to discuss the challenges facing the African continent and add the same time offer solutions

This was the 9th year , African Tide was organizing this amazing initiative and there were lots of lectures, workshops,   brainstorming sessions, networking as well a grand business dinner on the 2nd day of the event






We create a blueprint of knowledge, skills and abilities for migrants and skilled workers, so that they may succeed in the ever-evolving African – European economy.

With support from multiple institutions, AfricanTide’s team has established an International Network that would permanently align learning with solid employment opportunities and life success.

We bring together a cross-section of African European business and industry groups and help communicate doing better business in Africa, while practicing good governance.

We sensitize industries and government on the importance of multicultural relationship where mutual respect plays a very important role thereby, helping them discover the competence of Africans in Germany


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