An Inspirational Motivator and Cross-cultural Engagement Consultant.

Educating Services and Communities.

  • To develop a conscious mind about Equality and its impact.
  • About Safeguarding and Harmful practices such as FGM
  • Asset Mapping untapped potential
  • Women and girls advocate


Post Graduate in Crime and Criminal Justice, based in Stockport, works nationally. Spent over 25 years pressing for change.

Community advocator, I createengagement platforms to start a conversation about equality in practice. This includes ‘awareness raising events’, and educating people about the common good.

Director -Truth Be Told Production 2018

Director – Aspiring Boldly Associates CIC, Cross cultural Engagement.  2018

Founder – Nexus Equality Network 2012

Founder – Stockport Race Equality Partnership, 2017

Founder – Ebony and Ivory Community organisation 2009

Founding member and Vice – Mama Health and Poverty Partnership (MHaPP) 2018

Committee member – Migrant International Refugee Orchestra 2015

Volunteer Member – Filia 2018

Wellbeing Co-ordinator 2016

Equality advocate 25 years



Inspirational Award winner GM-BME Network 2013,

Finalist National Diversity Awards for Race 2018.



Manchester Evening News – Racial inequality is still a massive problem in Greater Manchester May 2017

Ch4 News Races Disparity Audit October 2017

Sky news – Will Meghan and Harry’s wedding change views on racism and diversity, May 2018

Community Researcher

Jam and Justice – Everyday Politics Manchester University December 2018

I Spent 10 years working within Her Majesty’s Prison Service as an Equality Manager, re-educating and pushing the Equality agenda so that prisoners were treated fairly. My work importantly creates a platform for those who are marginalized, or disadvantaged to aspire to do well.

Founder of Nexus a representative network bringing various organisations together in partnership to look at Equality in practice, in line with the ‘protected characteristics’ of the Equality Act 2010. The aim is to ensure that local people can express and resolve social inequality and injustice through dialogue and ideas. Those same obstacles gave me an opportunity to become an ‘everyday change maker’. I intend continue to add value to the integration discourse,particularly exploring the fragmentation of service provision for Refugee Communities, their Wellbeing, and the dichotomy of the integration agenda and its impact on lost identity.Specialise in all things equality, including Safeguarding the African perspective, Harmful practice, bespoke training, motivational speaking, Cross cultural Engagement etc.…..



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