The Thursday Club presents ‘The Power of Your Politics’

At our last event, ‘Black Financial Solutions for 2019 and Beyond’ (20th December 2018), we presented essential information and resources covering personal finance, pardner, property and gold investments as practical solutions for financial advancement. Since the sold-out event, we’ve received feedback from many of us who took direct and immediate action. This is primary objective of The Thursday Club.

Join us for our next, must attend event, ‘The Power of Your Politics’ on Thursday 31st January.

We will be addressing the following, with actionable outcomes:

* What does it mean to be political?
* How can you (we) use your political power for our socio-economic advancement?
* Will Political Action Committees (PACs) solve our lack of political participation?
* From Brexit to Blaxit: What next?

Get your tickets early, here:


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